Building in the era of urbanization is not just another business on the block, but a work of art, with efforts that go way beyond the raw materials and labor. It is, but ideas taking a shape. We understand this well and strive to help you at every step for your desirable outcomes.

The PCH + is a truly engaging customer interactive and coordination program which optimizes the experience of property procurement.

We promise to ensure the very best of joint efforts in the following:

  •    Co ordination for Bank Loans and Legal Formalities
  •    Co ordination with Interior/ Furnishing/ Landscaping Design Teams of Clients
  •    Co ordination for Additional Electronic and Communication Features
  •    Co ordination for the set up of a Home Vacuum System
  •    Co ordination for the set up of Central Air Conditioning Units
  •    Co ordination for the set up of Swimming Pools in Individual units
  •    Home Customization
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