PCH difference

SPACE MANAGEMENT: Giving special attention to design, we at PCH have derived maximum benefit by planning the use of the available land in the best way possible. We try our best to strike a perfect balance between the indoor and outdoor areas in our designs.

BRANDED MATERIALS: At PCH , we have a special Material Selection Team that ensures that all the materials used in the development of the project are of the best quality in order to enhance the value of our projects.

VAASTHU: We adhere to the basic principles of Vaasthu while designing all our projects.

FINANCIAL DISCIPLINE: At PCH , we maintain high levels of financial discipline. Our collaborations with a number of financial entities


ensure availability of sufficient capital for all our projects.

PLANNING AND EXECUTION: In order to achieve timely execution of all our projects, at PCH we ensure that all our plans are designed and carried out meticulously. Our Resource Planning Team pays special attention to the balance between demand and supply at all our project sites.

PCH +:By interacting and co-coordinating with the customer, we ensure that your property-procurement process becomes easier at every step.

MAINTENANCE: By offering an extensive package of maintenance services for several years, we ensure that your property is completely secure. We focus on preventive maintenance, that is cost-effective and prudent as it brings down the need for repairs, extends the life expectancy of components and reduces energy consumption